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Web Developer
Yo-Yo Champion


Hello! I am Vilmos Zoltan Kiss. I got passionate about web development in my first year in college when I created my e-commerce site. Since then I created sites for individuals, startups and international events. I have a BSc degree in Computer Science from the Eotvos Lorand University, Hungary and come from an enterpreneur background. I prefer to keep learning, continue challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter and create awesome applications.

I am a digital nomad, photographer and a professional in the yo-yo subculture. I compete, judge and organize yoyo contests. Over the years this skilltoy took me to over 15 countries on 3 continents from regional to world championship level events.

I currently work remotely and have a full-time commitment at Vincit. Outside of my commitments I work with select client base from all over the world and manage the 2020 World YoYo Contest as Head organizer.

Technologies: HTML • CSS • JavaScript • Node.js • SASS • React • PHP • Databases • CMS • Responsive Design • Web Accessibility • M-Files